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List of Compositions by Emmanuel M. Dubois

Item # - Title (Opus #) – Instrumentation – Year of composition

1. Brass Quartet: Prelude & Of Barbed Wire and Red Roses (op. 1) for trumpet I & II, horn, trombone—1994

2. Suite for Large Brass and Timpani: Of Barbed Wire and Red Roses — II (op. 1b) for 4 tpt, 4 hn, 3 t-trb, 1 b-trb, 1 tb & timp; (i) Fughetta for timpani solo, (ii) Fanfare for cylindrical brass (4 tpt & 4 trb), (iii) Interlude for conical brass (4 hn & 1 tb), (iv) Of Barbed Wire and Red Roses for tutti (13 brass & timpani)—1996

3. First Sonata (3rd revision)—Three movements (op. 2a); for piano—1996

4. Elegy (op. 3) for trumpet, violoncello and left hand piano –1996

5. Little Elegy (op. 3a) for violoncello (or flute), and piano—1997

6. Prelude, Chromatic Invention and Toccatina (op. 4); for piano—1996

7. Six Pieces: Proclamation & Christmas Song without Words, and Four Pieces on a Fourth and a Second (Prelude, Chromatic Invention, Baroque Fugue and Toccatina) (op. 4a); for piano. After op. 4—1996

8. Mozberg March (op. 5); for classical orchestra with timpani–1995

9. Baroque Fugue Arrangement (op 6c) Arr. for string trio of fugue in op. 4a

10. Trio (op. 7); for trumpet, cello, and LH piano. Four movements (2nd mvt. see op. 3)

11. Trio (op. 7a); for trumpet, horn, and L. H. piano. Three movements (2nd mvt. see op. 3: horn part adapted from cello)—1996

12. A visit from Comet Hyakutake (op. 8); for Moog synthesizer (on tape)

13. Prelude # 6 (op.9); for computer-Ensoniq sampler (on VHS tape)

14. Second Sonata—Introduction and three movements (op. 10); for piano—1997

15. Third Sonata “Colors of July”—Three movements (op. 11); for piano—1998

16. Solemn Spring or Concert Adagio (op. 12); for piano—1999

17. A Banker’s Dozen: Eleven Miniatures in Various Harmonic Styles (op. 13a). Contains edited pieces from op. 2a & op. 4a. Also available in 200% enlarged print for the Visually Impaired (op. 13b); for piano—1999

18. Two Humoresques: Canonic Palindrome and Noisy Toy (op. 14); harpsichord—2000

19. Two Carillon Pieces: Crab Canon and Allegretto (op. 15); for chromatic carillon—2000

20. Organ Suite: (i) Prelude: Dawn over Gascony, (ii) Meditation on Friendship, (iii) Fugue, (iv) Heroic March (op. 16); the March is a memorial to the victims of Sept. 11th, 2001—2002

21. Fantaisie française – fourth piano sonata: (i) Strict Fugue and Farandole, (ii) Nocturne, (iii),The Corrida Bull, (iv) View of Peace: Homage to Messiaen, (v) Toccata (op. 17) 2003

22. Pseudo Classical Sonatine—Three movements (op. 18 / 18a); for piano—2003, 2007

23. Neapolitan Suite (op. 19); for piano, after the Organ Suite—2004

24. Brass Quintet: Our World as It Is (op. 20) for trumpet I & II, horn, trombone and tuba; in four movements—2005

25. Detours of Love: Three Songs (i) Nocturne: Lost Love, (ii) Innocent Love, (iii) Married Love (op. 21) for soprano and piano; on French poems by P. Verlaine, A. Rimbaud & E. M. Dubois / J. de La Fontaine —2005

26. A Reveler’s Rag — Brussels Two-Step (op. 22); for piano—2005

27. Caprices: (i) At Dawn (Harmonic Etude), (ii) Butterflies (Short etude for broken chords in left hand), (iii) The Merry Wanderer, (iv) The Dancer’s Veil & (v) The Charivari (op. 23); for piano—2006

28. Bagatelles (Easy Pieces) (i) Intrada, (ii) Transition on Twelve Pitches & (iii) Cant pèr lou Pople de Prouvènço (op. 24); for piano–-2006

29. Two Organ Pieces for the Beginner: Processional for a Wedding and Canonic Palindrome (op. 25); for organ. Palindrome transcribed from op. 15—2006

30. Partita italiana or fifth piano sonata: (i) Entrata scherzosa, (ii) Primavera solenne (after op. 12) & (iii) Festa del sole (op. 26)—2006

31. Three French Songs: (i) The Invitation to travel, (ii) Autumn Song, (iii) First Evening (op. 27) for soprano and piano; on poems by Ch. Baudelaire, P. Verlaine & A. Rimbaud—2007

32. Solitude: A Contemporary Chorale for Two Trumpets, Horn and Trombone (op. 28)—2007

33. Ave Maria: (op. 29b bis) for soprano and organ; based on liturgical text in Latin—2007 (Rev. 2008)

34. Ave Maria: (op. 29a bis); for soprano and piano; transcrip. of op. 29 b bis—2007, 2008

35. Happiness: Three Voice Duets for soprano and mezzo-soprano with piano (op. 30); Composed for collage of verses by H. D. Thoreau, J. Donne, J. W. Barber, W. E. Channing—2008

36. The Pyrenees – Set of Eleven Miniatures (op. 31); for piano—2008

37. Melody for Trumpet & Strings (op. 32) transcription for trumpet and string ensemble of Ave for soprano op. 29b bis — 2008

37a. Brigitte’s Ave Maria: (op. 32a); for alto flute and string ensemble; transcrip. of op. 32

[38. Symphonic Miniatures (op. 33) for piano and orchestra (DECLASSIFIED) — 2009]

39. Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra (op. 34)— Florida Concerto: Four Seasons in the Everglades for clarinet and symphonic orchestra – (i) Winter - Gathering Clouds, (ii) Spring – Spider on a Web, (iii) Summer – Rustle of Wind over the River of Grass, (iv) Autumn – Alligators and Egrets in the Mangrove – 2012

39a. Clarinet Concerto Reduction for clarinet and piano (Op. 34) — 2012

39b. Concerto for Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra (Op. 34a); Slight modification of Op. 34 : simplification of brass and percussion sections) – 2012/2013

40. Sketches of Freshness — Six Piano Miniatures (op. 35) — 2009

41. “Le cauchemar de Dieu : Pourquoi les lapins ont-ils de longues oreilles?” (The Lord’s Nightmare: Why Do Rabbits Have Long Ears?) Animal Musical comedy in French with songs in popular style (op. 36) for voices, and small ensemble—1992, revision pending

42. “Two Parisian Adventures” (op. 37) – (i) “Biking on the Cobblestones of Montmartre,” (ii) “Roman Candles for the Fourteenth of July”; brilliant piano pieces after op. 26, III & op. 31, No 2 – 2009

43. Brass Quintet “Susie Sunshine” (op. 38); for tpt I & II, hn, trb, tb – (i) Welcome Fanfare, (ii) “Susie Sunshine,” (iii) Processional for a Wedding, (iv) “Prosit!” – 2012

44. Concerto for Piano and Orchestra – “American West” (op. 39); Expansion for full orchestra of American Fantasy Op. 41 for piano and wind ensemble (See # 50): (i) Uzumati – Grizzlies of Yosemite, (ii) Splinters of Winter – Frozen Songs, (iii) Frontier Roarbacks – 2013

45. Concerto for Piano (op. 39a): Revision of Concerto for Piano and Orchestra Op. 39 – 2013

46. Concerto for Piano and Chamber Orchestra (op. 39b): Revision of Concerto for Piano Op. 39a; Simplification of brass and percussion sections in op. 39a – 2013

47. Divertimento for Trumpet and String (op. 40); (i) Allegro, (ii) Brigitte’s Ave Maria & (iii) Allegro deciso – 2012

48. Divertimento for Alto flute and String Orchestra (op. 40a); Transcription of the trumpet divertimento op. 40 - 2012

49. Divertimento for Violoncello and String Orchestra (op. 40b); Resetting of the trumpet divertimento op. 40 – 2012: (i) Allegro, (ii) Brigitte’s Ave Maria & (iii) Allegro deciso - 2012

50. American Fantasy – “Promontory Point, 1869” (op. 41) for Piano and Wind Ensemble; Commemoration of first transcontinental railroad connection – 2013/2017

51. “In Arizona, By The Campfire” - Five Melodies for the Concert Harp (op. 42) – 1. Campfire Round; 2. Your Head On My Shoulder; 3. Circle Of Boys And Girls; 4. At Daybreak; 5. Smoldering Embers – 2014

52. Melody for Soprano, Horn and Piano Trio “Come Ye Who Love” (op. 43a); Work Commissioned by Michigan State University, College of Music; on selected verses by transcendentalist poets (John Donne and Channing). Also Rewritten as Melody for Soprano, Horn and String Ensemble (op. 43b) and as Melody for Two Woodwinds and Strings (op. 43c) – 2014

53. “In Ténarèze Country” (op. 44) - A short Trio for clarinet, violoncello and piano in one movement and two tableaus – 2015

54. “Yulia” (op. 45) – Cycle of seven melodies for soprano and string quartet – 2015

55. “The Truth” (op. 46) – Humorous melody for soprano and piano – 2015

56. “Myüno” (op. 47) – Opera due in 2019. Libretto by E.M. Dubois inspired by an idea from the poem Myüno by the French poet Arthur Naples. Tragic but uplifting opera on a social dilemma in contemporary society.

57. “Morgen” (op. 48) – Melody in German on the poem Morgen by John Henry Mackay - 2016

58. “Winter Wood” (op. 49) – Song cycle in Russian for soprano and harp on poems by Ivan Bunin, "The Blizzard", Fyodor Tyutchev, "Winter Wood" and Yulia Petrachuk, "Song of Snow-maiden" – 2016

59. "Requiem for the Fallen" (op. 50) - for soprano, choir, timpani and chamber orchestra. - Commemoration of the victims of armed conflicts. Composed on "Requiem aeternam", from catholic liturgy and "In Flanders Fields" poem by John Henry MacCrae

60. “Wanderer’s Night Songs” (op. 51) – for soprano and piano – Setting in original German of “ Der du von dem Himmel bist” and “Über allen Gipfeln” the two “Wandrers Nachtlieder” poems by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - 2017

61. Piano and Band Fantasie "Destination West" (Op. 52) - Celebrating the centennial of the completion of the first transcontinental railroad connection, at Promontory Point, Utah in 1869 (2018)

62. “Goodbye” (op. 53) – Melody on a mazurka tempo for soprano and string ensemble (op. 53a) or for soprano and piano (op. 53b) on the short poem ‘The song of the last cricket’ by Carl Sandburg

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