Emmanuel M. Dubois

Composer - Upcoming Events

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1. October 29, 2017, at La Madeleine Hall, Abbey of Flaran, Valence-sur-Baïse, Gers (France). Amis of Flaran Concert, with Claude Bessmann, piano – “Caprices” Op. 23

2. December 15, 2017, at Calvary Baptist Church, Washington DC – “Morgen “Op. 48 and “Wandrers Nachtlieder” Op. 51 – with Yulia Petrachuk, soprano, and Christopher Koelzer, piano

3. May 26, 2018, Mother's Day Concert at the Cultural Center of Fleurance, Gers (France) - "Destination West" Op. 41; a fantaisie for piano and band orchestra illustrating the first transcontinental rail connection in the United States (with projection of historic photographs) - with Karolos Zouganélis, pianist, and Vincent Blesz, conducting the municipal band "La Fleurantine"

4. June 16, 2018, Father's Day Concert at the Church of Saint-Clar, Gers (France) - Oratorio "Requiem for the Fallen" Op. 50, for soprano, choir and orchestra; a hommage to the victims of war in commemoration of the centennial of the end of WWI, based on "In Flanders Fields", poem written at the front (1915) by Canadian military doctor John McCrae - with Yulia Petrachuk, soprano, and Vincent Blesz leading the choir and the orchestra of Fleurance, Gers

5. February 2019, at Seven Lakes Auditorium, Fort Myers, Florida – Yulia Petrachuk, soprano, and harpist TBA, in “Winter Wood” Op. 49 and a harp suite.

6. Winter 2020, at Seven Lakes Auditorium, Fort Myers Florida - Selected piano works