Emmanuel M. Dubois

Composer - "Yulia" Op. 45

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"Yulia" op. 45, a cycle of seven lyrical images for soprano and string quartet was composed for Yulia Petrachuk (2015). It premiered at the Merkin Hall, Kauffmann Center, New York in November 2015 with Yulia Petrachuk, soprano, and the Nova String Quartet (Katherine Kyu Hyeon Lim - Violin I, David Chang - Violin II, Robert Donowick - Viola, Noah Koh - Cello)

1. As he whispers (text by Emmanuel Dubois) - 2. Happiness (text by Henry David Thoreau) - 3. Hold me so tight! (text by E. Dubois) - 4. To sweeten our lips (text by John Warner Barber) - 5. Those were happy times (text by Charles Baudelaire) - 6. Yulia (text by E. Dubois) - 7. Woman's first true love (text by E. Dubois)